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    Changeling: The Lost 2e art by Mark Kelly

    Hello, fellow changelings! Meghan here, to preview for you an excerpt from Oak, Ash, and Thorn, the Changeling 2e companion book.

    I wanted to make entitlements the first thing you saw from this book, for a few reasons. One is that we just didn’t have room for entitlements in the core, and I know a lot of fans were eager to see how they would be updated for the new edition. Another is that those updates are pretty significant! And I’d like to talk a little about why that is.

    Most changelings belong to a motley, a court, and a freehold. That’s three levels of community, which is a good thing — changelings need community. But for 2e, I felt that an entitlement should be something a little different. Here’s an excerpt from my outline for this project to unpack that idea a bit:

    “In 2e, we’re reimagining entitlements somewhat. They’re still noble titles, but they’re also roles you inhabit, and they’re mostly unique. There’s just one Queen of Hearts, and just a few Knights ...


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