From the cover of Lost Paths: Ahl-i-Batin & Taftani, by David Leri

Hello all! Matthew Dawkins here, to talk a little about the upcoming Mage: The Ascension release, Gods & Monsters.

In case you’ve not checked out my Onyx Pathcast interview with developer Satyros Phil Brucato where we discuss Gods & Monsters a little, this book is the perfect grab bag, toolbox, creature collection, or bestiary (call it what thou wilt) I’ve ever seen for the World of Darkness. While its focus is Mage, the creatures and supporting characters within it range from the mundane to the godlike, and could arguably fit in any World of Darkness chronicle (with special leave given to Changeling, Werewolf, or Demon).

I preview for you here, one of the many djinn in this book. They fall into the Avatars chapter and definitely rank among the most dangerous foes or powerful allies your mages might make:

Amira the Storyteller (Amira al-Kadhaab)

If you like to frequent Renaissance faires, storytelling festivals, or public libraries, you and Amira may already have crossed paths at some point in the past. Perhaps she ...