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Soooo Unplugged. [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Soooo Unplugged. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    PAX, PAx, Pax, pax, p…

    Back from PAX Unplugged, and we had a pretty semi-verbal sort of meeting today, as most of us who went to the con were so tired we kept forgetting words. Matthew, who had attended Dragonmeet in the UK, thought he might have actually fallen asleep mid-sentence.

    But we persevered, shared our impressions, and got caught up on the week to come.

    The pic above is our PAX Unplugged booth at the end of Thursday, set-up day, and here are some beauty shots of how the books and stuff were arranged:


    Left Front Table

    Sort of our “swashbuckling table” with Exalted (at left and clipped off this pic), Scarred Lands, and Cavaliers of Mars. To the right was our Realms of Pugmire table, with Pugmire and the premiere of Monarchies of Mau:


    Right Front Table

    We chose to put these in front, and ordered the books for the booth accordingly, because of the reactions we had to these game lines at last year’s PAX Unplugged.* Along the long back table were a selection of CofD and WoD books, and a lot ...


    Onyx Path
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