Hi all! It’s been a little while since our last Contagion Chronicle preview! This time we are showing off the Jeremiad, another of the Sworn factions from the game:

The Jeremiad

Contagion as Divine Retribution

Pray for you? No, you’re going to get off your ass and put your own house in order. Or else.

In my dreams I see Her words scrawled in my blood on the walls of my Lair. “Teach them,” She says. “Teach them to fear themselves, and you set them on the path to righteousness. Your family needs you. You are your brother’s keeper.” So I keep them, my siblings, in the name of our Dark Mother. I show them all the horrors they hide in their hearts, as I hide my own, and together we reach for perfection beyond the pestilence. And when they falter, I am there to remind them what awaits, should they fall.

What Is the Contagion?

Remember that time God sent ten plagues to punish Egypt for enslaving the Israelites? Frogs raining from the sky, rivers running with blood, the whole shebang? We’re the Egyptians here. ...