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    Greetings all! Matthew here, with a sneak peek of an update provided to backers of the Chicago by Night Kickstarter. Specifically, I want to show you some of the Welcome to the Night chapter, in which various Lasombra discuss their reasons for joining the Camarilla and how they intend to survive and flourish within that sect. Enjoy!

    The Deal

    I know it grates the balls of one such as yourself to consider bending to the Cam, but it’s time to face facts: we need to take it like a trooper just this once or prepare for a permanent filleting. I know which option I favor.

    There’s word the Amici Noctis reached out to trusted Keepers, those with reputations for clan over sect loyalty, and the Friends arranged diplomatic missions by these same Keepers to the Anarchs and the Camarilla. At first these representatives are to make solitary offerings of fealty to the Ivory Tower, before petitioning for the entry of the entire clan.

    I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the same. The act is going to be far from easy, but get ...


    Onyx Path
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