In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew tell you about their characters.


Eddy kicks off talking about the characters in Chill Third EditionWhat games have really striking and representational characters?Vampire the Masquerade had a very diverse (if occasionally problematic) base of charactersCyberpunk games like Shadowrun and Eclipse PhaseThe pros and cons of playing characters not like yourselfThe demographics of V5 Chicago by NightThe design goals of iconic and signature charactersWhat kinds of characters do we prefer to play?Dixie talks about her D&D halflingMatthew talks about his Shadowrun elfEddy talks about his D&D half-elfCharacters with familiesWhat characters were helpful to work something personal outMatthew learned as a GM from an awkward Pathfinder gameCharacters as a metaphor for real-world concernsWhat character concepts would we love to play?

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