One thing I’ve been clear on — or rather, one thing I’ve consistently REFUSED to be clear on — is the fate of humanity in the Realms of Pugmire setting. Both Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau mention several possibilities:

Died out from an outside threatObliterated by some hostile technology rampaging across the globe Colonizing other worldsEvolved into creatures of pure energyStepped into a new dimensionA plague ravaged the worldA natural or technological disaster made the planet uninhabitable for usFought a war that brought about the end of everythingExplored distant galaxies in generation shipsUploaded our brains into a virtual world

But I have a secret, one of the True Secrets of the setting. I don’t talk about it much, but I’m going to talk about it here, right now, to you. And the secret is this:

Q: Where did humanity go?

A: I have no idea.

Seriously. No clue. There’s nothing lurking in a document somewhere hidden in my Dropbox. I’m not holding back some grand reveal as part of a future product. I simply don’t know. And even more importantly, I plan never to determine ...