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They Came From the North Pole! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • They Came From the North Pole! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    You might have noticed that everybody’s favorite Gentleman Gamer is now broadcasting on both the GG‘s and Onyx Path‘s YouTube channels. Matthew has stepped up to begin a series of regular vids – some focusing in on particular parts of our games, and some giving you a look at new projects and releases as they occur.

    Here are links to the first few – an announcement that the Gentleman Gamer is coming to Onyx Path, an overview of They Came From Beneath the Sea!, and our first Onyx Path News broadcast

    We start with They Came From Beneath the Sea!, for obvious reasons, but you’ll soon see some deep dives into the Scion pantheons and more to come in 2019!

    You can also hear Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy on the weekly Onyx Pathcast – they end the year this Friday with a very special and silly holiday extravaganza, and a short talk with the always delightful Crystal Mazur.

    Scion: Hero illustration by William O’Brien

    Not going to get into too much news this week, here on Christmas Eve, but some of you ...


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