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Release Roundup: December 2019

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  • Release Roundup: December 2019

    Here’s a look at what we’ve released over the last month:

    Scarred Lands: Creature Collection Revised (Fantasy Grounds Store / Steam)Scarred Lands: Serpent Amphora Cycle 1: Serpent in the Fold: (Fantasy Grounds Store)Pugmire: Pugmire Guide’s Screen (PDF)Mage: The Ascension: Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition Storyteller’s Screen (PDF)Exalted: Circle*of*Protection (ebook/print)Exalted: Adversaries*of*the*Righteous: Afohdha,*the*Lady*of*the*Well (PDF)Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade: Forlorn Manor and Giant Constrictor (PDF)Vampire: The Requiem: Guide to the Night (print)


    Cavaliers of Mars: Chairo (postcards, stickers) Cavaliers of Mars: Illium (postcards, stickers, shirts) Cavaliers of Mars: Surtur (postcards, stickers) Cavaliers of Mars: Vance (postcards, stickers, shirts, mugs) Cavaliers of Mars: Ziggur (postcards, stickers, shirts) Cavaliers of Mars: Zodiac (postcards, stickers, shirts, mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Champions (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Footpads (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Mancers (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Ministers (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Trackers (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Wanderers (mugs)

    Community Spotlight

    The following community-created content for Scarred Lands*has been added to the Slarecian Vault in the last month:

    Slarecians: Forgotten Horrors Tides of Blood Your product could be here! Have you considered creating your ...


    Onyx Path
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