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Bale Hounds [Shunned by the Moon]

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  • Bale Hounds [Shunned by the Moon]

    Hi all, it’s Matthew Dawkins here with some content from Shunned by the Moon, the upcoming Night Horrors book for Werewolf: The Forsaken. What I particularly love about this book is how it can act as an excellent bestiary for all the Chronicles of Darkness lines, though the Bale Hounds are a strong competitor for biggest thorn in the Forsakens’ sides in this book. Here’s some extracts for you relating to these infernal bastards.

    The Corrupted

    Corrupted are Bale Hounds fully inducted into the Maeljin’s service. These true Bale Hounds have sworn their oaths to Soulless Wolf. When a Corrupted swears her oath she marks two Renown categories she will use to injure the world. The first comes from her Maeljin, as each one despises some element of the world, and the second she chooses herself, to demonstrate her own path to corruption and misery. For the rest of her existence, she can empower herself, weaken others, and subvert abilities through these Renown.

    As they grow in experience and power, many Corrupted develop strange and unique powers from their master’s domain. In addition ...


    Onyx Path
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