In which Eddy and Dixie (and Matthew, we guess?) finish up the holiday content with a PAX Unplugged interview with super-fan Jacob Burgess.

Is Matthew feeling okay?Warning: This interview is more rambly than usual.PAX Unplugged vs video game conventionsRunning and playing demosBridging the tabletop and video game industriesWe are the best at prime audio contentBeing a fan of one thing over anotherWhat Jacob owes to the World of DarknessFeeling betrayed by the release of Vampire: The RequiemV20 felt like coming homeContributing to the continuityCatharsis and hope in the World of DarknessWriting as serviceWrestling reference!Knowing someone but meeting them for the first timeWe talk about profanity!They Came from Beneath the Sea!Midwinter!Thanks to all of you for supporting the PathcastMatthew’s secret revealed after the music


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