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They Came From Mid-Winter! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • They Came From Mid-Winter! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Of course, Mid-Winter is a lot colder, but inside where the convention is, it’s nice.

    Above, is an illustration from They Came From Beneath the Sea! of the sorts of terrors, horrors, and monsters, you face while playing our new game. Right now, its Kickstarter is doing really well for a totally new game, yet we’d love more backers getting a chance to playtest via the Early Access version available to every backer.

    And, we’d also love folks to download the backer previews of the actual text and let us know what you think. Feedback now would be super helpful.

    Even though it is Storypath-powered game, we’ve added enough extra materials that allow for not only a straight-forward style of playing, but also some pretty hilariously meta sessions as well, and we’d love to hear how those new elements like Quips and Props work around your table.

    Although, as Matthew lets us know in the Media-focused part of the Blurbs below, at least one group is mixing They Came From! with their World of Darkness gaming! We had expected a bit of Trinity Continuum ...


    Onyx Path
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