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Sample Cinematics [They Came From Beneath The Sea!]

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  • Sample Cinematics [They Came From Beneath The Sea!]

    They Came From Beneath the Sea! art by Aaron Riley

    Hi all! Matthew here, with some sample Cinematics from They Came from Beneath the Sea! to whet your appetites in anticipation of the full list. I hope you enjoy!

    Bad Dubbing

    The doctor peered over the lip of the railing surrounding the balcony. He could make out several shapes below, conversing openly. They chittered and barked in that bizarre language of theirs.

    “Do you understand any of it?” asked Pete.

    Doctor Spiegler waved his hands, motioning for silence. And that was what did it. The gestures. He might not be able to hear every word, but if he watched closely. That wave of the hand. The nod of the head. The look on those bizarre faces. It almost started to make sense to him. As if some hidden voice translated it all for him in the back of his mind. Put those grunts and gurgles together into something more substantial.

    It was almost like they were subtitled or dubbed.

    Smiling, the Doctor turned back towards the others, who looked at him expectantly. He was pleased not to ...


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