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    As many of you know, Rose’s elevator pitch for Cavaliers was “if Mars has canals, Mars must have a Venice.” That Venice appears in Cavaliers as Vance. Here’s an excerpt from the Cavaliers of Mars rulebook covering the city of Vance.

    In the central portion of Meridian, Vance lies atthe intersection of several canals, and is thus rich in Mars’ most valuable commodity: water. The city is actually built on top of the canals, creating, at the surface, a network of subcanals that carry freight and people.

    The city is monumental in scope, carved from huge blocks of red and white rock, and reaching nearly a dozen stories towards the sky. Locally, the inhabitants enjoy shade, sweet water, and the produce of the farms along the canals. Trade, both by canal and caravan, also brings exotic goods and great wealth.

    At night, the city is lit with many-colored lanterns, according to a superstition deeply held but long since forgotten. Windows are made from glass salvaged from the Prismatic Wastes, ft together into intricate patterns.

    Vance does not possess a skynavy as such, though its ...


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