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Fiction Friday: Vigilant

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  • Fiction Friday: Vigilant

    An excerpt from the Prologue of Through Shadows and Dreams Book One: Vigilant, a novel for the Scarred Lands setting.

    AV 150, the second Wildday of Tanot

    Eochaid crouched under the foliage, breathing slowly and listening. The asaatthi were out there somewhere, searching for him — maybe ratmen and hags as well. He kept out of the light, hugging the shadows, trying to stay low. He heard the crack of a tree branch. A bird fluttered past, spooked from its nest. Someone — or something — was nearby.

    A tiny spider slid its way down a thread onto the back of his hand, tickling him. He didn’t move, barely breathing, ignoring the itch as it walked across his knuckles. He hoped it wasn’t poisonous, that it wouldn’t bite. There on the edge of the Blood Steppes, deadly spiders were too common.

    He heard voices moving closer. Growls and hisses: at least two asaatthi. He squinted so the whites of his eyes wouldn’t be visible in the foliage and silently prayed to Tanil that his camouflage would be enough to hide him, and ...


    Onyx Path
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