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They Came From the Last Few Days! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • They Came From the Last Few Days! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes, we’re down to the last few days of this extra-long Kickstarter campaign for They Came From Beneath the Sea!

    Holding a Kickstarter over the Xmas holidays is always a risky venture, but we’re pretty happy with the response we’ve gotten from this brand-new game. The extra time time allow a bunch of groups to try out playing the Early Access version that is available to all backers, and it seems like hilarity has been had by all!

    Except for one group, actually.

    But, to be fair, that was sort of the point of their playtest. Allow me to explain.

    C20 Players Guide art by Jeff Holt

    Red Moon Roleplaying contacted They Came From Beneath the Sea! developer Matthew Dawkins with an interesting idea. As much as they liked the inherent humor in TCFBtS!, it wasn’t really the tone they’d set for their podcasts. Their previous broadcasts have been much more strictly horror oriented.

    So, they asked Matthew, could TCFBtS! handle a non-humor session?

    “Hell, yes!”, I imagine Matthew responding, although I’m sure his real answer was less rude and a bit longer.

    In fact, Matthew and I ...


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