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Fiction Friday: Circle of Protection [Exalted]

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  • Fiction Friday: Circle of Protection [Exalted]

    Today’s*excerpt*is Chapter*1*from*Exalted: Circle*of*Protection.

    Palym gazed up at the massive metropolis growing from the ground before her as she and Xiao hiked closer to Great Forks. When they’d started out in the morning, she’d only been able to see the gilded roofs of its great temples shining in the first rays of dawn, but with every step they took closer, the city revealed a tiny bit more about itself. They had been walking for days on a road lined with shrines, hoping to see some glimpse of the city, knowing that it had to lie somewhere in the distance that yawned before them. To witness it now as they continued their long hike toward it so transfixed Palym that she found she often had to remind herself to breathe.

    “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” she asked.

    Xiao glanced around. There were others on the road, but no one else within earshot. Palym must have been talking to her. “It’s pretty to look at, but it’s rank with people,” she said. “I can already smell it from here.”

    Palym wrinkled her nose. Xiao ...


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