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I Get a Kick From This Starter! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • I Get a Kick From This Starter! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Welcome to a series of MMN blogs where I’ll be looking at where we, Onyx Path, are with some of our methods of getting our projects out to you all. Seems to make sense here at the start of 2019.

    Today, the topic is Kickstarters.

    A little backstory:

    Onyx Path ran our first Kickstarter for the V20 Companion in early 2012, the same year as we started publishing. Crowdfunding was a wild and wooly place back then, and KS was starting to be the “brand name” for the process.

    I’d watched a few of our friends run campaigns, both successful and failed, and knew going into it that neither myself, who was running the whole thing, nor Justin, who was the developer of the book and as interested as I was in this new method of financing a project, really knew how it would turn out.

    When I had put together Onyx Path as a publishing business, I hadn’t considered crowd-funding, but Justin and I had heard enough from our Vampire community clamoring for the V20 Companion to be a matching Deluxe book to V20 ...


    Onyx Path
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