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Now Available: Exalted Monthly Releases, plus Mau Assets

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  • Now Available: Exalted Monthly Releases, plus Mau Assets

    DriveThruRPG is currently throttling their access as they recover from their server migration. So if you can’t get through to them right now, please try again later.

    (For that reason, entries below are going to be pretty sparse until I can get through to the sites and grab the full product descriptions.)

    Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Hundred Devils Night Parade: Northern Ursidae and Forest Strider and Adversaries of the Righteous: Ninegala Forge, Goddess of Makelo for Exalted 3rd Edition!

    Also available: Monarchies of Mau Community Content Assets for Canis Minor! These assets can be used to create Monarchies of Mau content for Canis Minor, our Realms of Pugmire community content site.

    Kickstarter Update

    They Came From Beneath The Sea!*was a huge success! We raised $47,854, or 239% of our $20,000 goal, thanks to 908 backers. We unlocked 15 stretch goals, too. Thanks to all of you!

    Our next Kickstarter is going to be Lunars: Fangs*at*the*Gate for Exalted 3rd Edition.

    Did you miss one of our previous Kickstarters? The following Kickstarted products are still open for preorders via BackerKit:

    Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Dystopia Rising: Evolution rulebookScion: Scion ...


    Onyx Path
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