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Episode 37: A Harrowing Deep Dive into (Wraith: The) Oblivion!

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  • Episode 37: A Harrowing Deep Dive into (Wraith: The) Oblivion!

    In which the trio talks Harrowings, Shadows, and the Underworld at large. Also somehow Neall makes it on.

    Do we really have to tell you we go off the rails?The Wraith Curse! (Oh, no!)First-edition storiesWhat is Wraith about?A bit about the settingDifferent ways to playGuilds and changes from older editionsPassions and FettersMatthew has a theory!Shadows and ShadowguidingSpectresMore on ShadowguidingWraith’s market in 1994 versus todayThe Risen and the SkinlandsA bit on second chances and TranscendenceWhy there’s no Chronicles of Darkness Wraith equivalentOrpheus Appendix

    Links:Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition: the Edge:


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