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What’s In-Stores for You! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • What’s In-Stores for You! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Last week I talked about Kickstarter, which is one of the ways we’re making and getting our game worlds out to you, and so this week, let’s look at some of our other venues – because they are evolving as well!

    First, there’s, which is still our primary sales partner when it comes to PDFs and physical books printed on demand. We also use DTRPG‘s servers for distributing Backer PDFs to our Kickstarter backers as needed.

    DTRPG is an excellent fit for our business as keeping books on an eternal virtual bookshelf frees us up from paying for warehouse space for every book, plus they’re great to work with, and take care of the two types of ways you can get our projects: PDFs and PoDs.

    They continue to improve their set-up, and in fact, are migrating to cloud-based servers right now. They are working on bringing regular features back on line – including PoD ordering. So, if you have a slow-down or can’t get onto the site; that’s the reason. Try again, and rest assured they’ll be done their server migration ...


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