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Episode 38: The Prolific John Snead!

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  • Episode 38: The Prolific John Snead!

    In which Dixie and Eddy talk to John Snead about his long and varied career. Seriously, he’s done so much.

    We are not the Green Ronin podcast!The intimacy of the RPG industryDixie and Eddy fight for legend statusKilling people with kindnessRedlining and whether green is a rude colorJohn’s start with Lion RampantBlue Rose first editionThe freelance life vs a career in cultural anthropologyWorking on and developing Trinity Continuum: AeonAdding and updating representationExcited about sci-fiEclipse PhaseChangeling the LostMage the AwakeningTurning down work and doing small workloadsWriting magic systemsAwkward silence!Writing Exalted charms and rolling lots of diceWriting fiction and hiding your inspirationHow the industry is changingShout out to Danielle Lauzon!History of the Storypath systemJohn wants to work on his own gamesWe discuss putting Matthew in a boxMore John stuff we didn’t even get toToying with the idea of repeat guestsWe’re close to our 50th episode!


    There are just SO MANY projects, so here’s a link to all of John Snead’s work on DriveThruRPG:;pto=Trinity on Backerkit: https://trinity-continuum-aeon-rpg.b...sted_preorders

    Also, a list of all the magic systems John worked on:
    1 Ars Magica 3e: Shamans – Shamanism
    1 ...


    Onyx Path
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