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It’s a Marvelous Week for a Moondance! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • It’s a Marvelous Week for a Moondance! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yep! This is one of the full page pieces of art (by Gunship Revolution) for Lunars: Fangs at the Gate, the next Exalted 3rd Edition “fatsplat” book that we’re Kickstarting starting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2pm Eastern US time.

    Looking back at the last two blog posts, let me refer to this Lunars Kickstarter to illustrate some of the ways we’re approaching Kickstarter and book sales now.

    1- The text is already written. A lot of the time when our KSs ran way past the estimated date, it was because of writing and/or rewriting the text. That was mostly based on the expectations and aims of Kickstarter from way back when we started, when the creation of the project was part of the whole KS thing. Now, we know better, and with very few exceptions we only KS after the text is finished.

    2- The text is going out to backers in sections during the KS. This is a by-product of having the words all written: we can share them with our backers. We prefer to do this is sections throughout the KS so ...


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