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Episode 47: Emotional RPG Experiences

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  • Episode 47: Emotional RPG Experiences

    Episode 47: Emotional RPG Experiences
    In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy discuss the range of emotions they’ve experienced at the gaming table and retell some anecdotes of emotional roleplay.

    All the AppalachiansChicago by Night editingPirates of Pugmire and Aberrant art directionPirates of Pugmire and Cults of the Blood Gods design diariesThe Contagion Chronicle is on KickstarterDixie’s in-character and out-of-character divide (roleplaying as acting)Matthew’s experience at the Convention of ThornsEddy’s many Vampire LARPing experiencesHeroic roleplay over mundane playPower dynamic and power fantasyRoleplaying characters we’re comfortable to playTears at the tabletop, from Vampire to PugmireEvoking emotions from your fellow playersMatthew’s games aren’t funGetting emotionally invested in one-shotsEvoking fear and revulsionFeeling anger in your roleplayMisogyny isn’t much funWhere to find us online

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