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  • Running the Contagion Chronicle

    This is a preview of the Storytelling chapter from the upcoming Contagion Chronicle. The Kickstarter only has about two days remaining: if you’ve been curious about it, now’s your chance to join the infected!

    The*Contagion Chronicle is, by default, a crossover game. You can use anything in this book in other games, likeWerewolf*or*Geist, but it’s designed to enable chronicles in which the characters come from multiple game lines.

    This chapter provides the Storyteller with advice on how to run the Contagion Chronicleitself, and how to run Chronicles of Darkness crossover games in general.

    Running the Contagion Chronicle

    This book is a game of what if: what if everything the characters trusted turned on them, and everything they took for granted flipped upside down? It’s a journey into Wonderland, if Wonderland looked like their shitty studio apartment and their clunker with the blacked-out windows, but felt like the rules they understood no longer applied and everything was what it wasn’t. Taking charge of the situation means opening themselves up to ruin and potentially letting the madness run rampant, through them and everything they love. So running this game means balancing the risk of losing ...


    Onyx Path
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