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Fiction Friday: Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden

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  • Fiction Friday: Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden

    Today we preview chapter 1 of Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden for the Scarred Lands. This novel trilogy dates back to the d20 era of Scarred Lands (specifically 2002-2003), but Onyx Path has recently remastered it, making it available in various ebook formats and in print on demand.

    Lilly knew that something was very wrong. Opal’s scroll should have transported them instantaneously. Hollowfaust should have appeared in the blink of an eye.

    Instead, the two women, bruised and weary, each bloody-handed from the slaughter she’d committed, hurtled through limitless, luminous space. Or at least Lilly had a vague sense that they were hurtling. Without reference points, it was impossible to be sure if they were moving at all.

    Having visited the place only hours before, she was reasonably certain they’d returned to the astral plane. The only difference was that since this time they’d come in the flesh instead of merely their spirit bodies, they weren’t trailing silvery cords from their navels.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked, then discerned that Opal wasn’t going to answer. Homely and rawboned, her forehead gashed and bruised, the ...


    Onyx Path
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