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Maar-Kherit [Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition]

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  • Maar-Kherit [Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition]

    Matthew Dawkins here, with one of the new, minor guilds for Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition – the Maar-Kherit!


    Physics, Blights, the Malignant

    Once, the Maar-Kherit had another name, lost to history. They were an esteemed guild of physicians and healer-priests, those who set right the disturbed Sekhem flows of the sick and injured by curing them of their ills with specialized magics. The Shan’iatu themselves partook of the Physics’ mystic arts, and taught them how to prolong human lives. As the Su-Menent’s sister guild, the physicians preserved and protected life above all; their relics, the ankhs, were sacred vessels that harnessed breath and life-giving waters, safeguarded, and purified.

    The healers’ guildmasters refused to go along with the Rite of Return, condemning it as a perversion of the natural order. To protect their secrets, the other Shan’iatu disposed of them and their entire guild, disguising the incident as a plague that took the valiant physicians as they tried to save lives behind quarantine lines. But a faction of Necromancers learned the truth and launched a clandestine, heretical attempt to restore the Physics’ souls ...


    Onyx Path
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