Now available in Advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Changeling: The Dreaming Player’s Guide.

Autumn Leaves Tumble Down

The Dreaming is a vast and ever-changing place, especially in the turbulent time of the Evanescence. New dreams take shape as Winter winds howl outside the windows and Glamour fights to bring light and warmth to a world where hearts go cold even as temperatures rise. Changelings everywhere must make a dangerous choice – unite and stand together against the rising dark… or take what they can for themselves and hope to rule from the shadows.*

Winter Winds Are Rising*

This all-new Changeling: The Dreaming Player’s Guide features:

A new form of playable chimera: the enigmatic LyciansIn-depth exploration of lands and new kiths from around the worldAdd a gameplay edge to political chronicles with the new Agendas systemRules for creating highly customized Banner HousesA first-ever look at playing Síocháin, the elusive fae immortalsSecret societies to add mystery and intrigue to any chronicleA deep dive into the culture and inner workings of the Shadow Court*Updated Arts: Tale-Craft and InfusionAnd much, much more!

Let the Balefires Burn Bright!*

As an advance PDF, we ...