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Fiction Friday: Burning Bones [M20 Gods & Monsters]

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  • Fiction Friday: Burning Bones [M20 Gods & Monsters]

    “Big Owl spreads his wings. He brings down shadows, y’know, and our shadows respond to him.”

    “Who’s Big Owl?”

    Napayshni nods his head in the direction of his window. We both know what he means. Outside, the city rumbles discontent. At night, it just gets worse. TV voices filter in from surrounding apartments, cutting through the sound of wind outside and the murmur of voices — often talking, sometimes raised — from those busy lives around us.

    In my head, I still hear the roaring, icy wind of the camp we left behind. The crackle of flames, our whispering tears. The men beyond the fire, dressed in black, suited up for war. Crouched in the shadow of their black machines, flames reflecting off their visors and eyes. When did this war come home, lurch out of the secret dream and slash itself across the eyes of the world? Better yet, when did it become so goddamned normal? Thirty years back, that would be inconceivable. Now, it’s just a Facebook refresh away.

    Years compress, unwind, embrace. Napayshni’s apartment feels too old, too fresh, too raw ...


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