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A Little Fuzzy Sociability [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • A Little Fuzzy Sociability [Monday Meeting Notes]

    That illo, by Andrew Trabbold for Shunned By the Moon, the Werewolf: The Forsaken Night Horrors book, btw, is how my brain is right now.

    It’s high pollen time right now here in the Spring on Macungie Mountain, and every thought I need seems to require being pulled out of a cotton candy wadding around my brain.

    I am a zombie, koo koo kachew!

    So, bear with me on this MMN blog. I’m going to keep it a tad shorter than usual – hey, stop cheering – and there might be more mis-typing. Don’t worry, I’ll leave corrections on Pg XX.

    V5 Chicago By Night art by Michael Gaydos

    That’s the Fuzzy in our blog Title today, now here’s some of the Social part: the last couple three weeks, you may have noticed that we were doing some damage control on the missing errata for our Scion books.

    I wrote updates here on where things had progressed each week so there’d be a source of info and a curated space for that info to be processed. A fair number of backers wanted more info, or ...


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