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Episode 52: Pirates of Pugmire Design Diary

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  • Episode 52: Pirates of Pugmire Design Diary

    In which Eddy talks about the process of making Pirates of Pugmire!

    Dixie and Matthew are bitter they’re not in the episodeHow our editing skills have improved! (It’s not much.)August 22, 2018: Outlining the bookSeptember 4, 2018: Concept artOctober 9, 2018: Project kickoffOctober 22, 2018: First draftsDecember 20, 2018: Deadline extensionJanuary 31, 2019: Redlines finishedMarch 29, 2019: Development finishedPirates of Pugmire Kickstarter will go live next week!One of the rare projects where so many of us work together on itWe talk about the success of past Pugmire KickstartersMatthew sings a sea shanty! (Kind of.)Eddy is now the dog guy, not the vampire guy


    Realms of Pugmire: Eddy and Matthew will be at UK Games Expo: will be at Escape Velocity:


    Onyx Path
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