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    We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Scale: what it is, when it applies, and how we adjudicate it. Hopefully this post will clarify that for those of you wondering how to use Scale in your game.

    Scale is a narrative term that is used as a shorthand to describe large differences between two things. We often use Scale as a comparison between two things, such as the speed of a human on foot versus that of a person on a bike, and further, to that of a car or plane. Scale is a comparison mechanic to help us decide if something or someone is so outclassing someone else that a normal roll with standard successes just doesn’t express that difference well enough.

    For example, we don’t talk about Danielle’s Scale for running around unless it comes into contrast with something else. If Danielle got into a foot race with Eddy, there is no Scale difference between us. Even if Eddy spent his time off training for marathons, his comparative Scale is not that much higher than Danielle’s, though his Athletics ...


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