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New Species: Lizard [Pirates of Pugmire]

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  • New Species: Lizard [Pirates of Pugmire]

    This is a preview of the new material on Lizard species featured in Pirates of Pugmire, currently on Kickstarter.

    The lizard families are still elusive and mysterious to most dogs and cats from Pugmire and the monarchies. They tend to live in nomadic bands, traversing the more arid regions of the world, though a pawful can be found scattered throughout any major city, and their caravans stop in border cities and settlements with some frequency to trade supplies, goods, information, and messages. Lizards rarely settle down in one place, and those that do are referred to by other members of their species as “hibernal.” Though it’s not common, it’s also not looked down upon, and lizards will often visit their hibernal family members when they come to town or the few small, permanent lizard settlements to trade, bringing tales of their travels since the family was last together.

    Lizards are consummate storytellers. In their low-pitched, pleasantly articulate tones, they spin tales about places and wonders of which the most imaginative cat might only dream. It’s not uncommon for a young dog or ...


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