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  • Waterdog Port [Pirates of Pugmire]

    Fewer than two days remain on the Pirates of Pugmire Kickstarter! Here’s a preview of the kind of content you’ll find within:

    Waterdog Port charts its own course, owing allegiance to none. Those calling it home may pursue their dreams and fortunes with little hindrance, even from the monitors enforcing the city’s laws. Economic opportunities abound for those with entrepreneurial spirits, and new businesses and attractions frequently arise. The port accommodates numerous ships, many with plastic hulls, ready to launch new expeditions at a moment’s notice. A haven for pirates, Waterdog Port serves as a base of operations for local crews and a common destination for foreign ones. A murky and almost perpetual fog drifts over the western sections of the city, providing cover for many criminal acts, and only the brave or desperate dare to tread where the fog shrouds the city. Whether someone is seeking a fresh start or looking for trouble, Waterdog Port welcomes all with open arms.


    Constructed as a center for shipping and exploration, Waterdog Port has been coveted since its inception. Pugmire and Mau each attempted ...


    Onyx Path
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