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Now Available: Blood Sea 5e and Signs of Sorcery!

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  • Now Available: Blood Sea 5e and Signs of Sorcery!

    Now available in Advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss for Scarred Lands has been updated to 5e rules!

    Waves of Scarlet

    In the darkest depths of the ocean floor, off the Eastern coast of Ghelspad, lies the bound titan Kadum. He bleeds endlessly from the hole in his chest where his heart was plucked out. This blood — the blood of the Mountainshaker, the blood of the Father of Monsters — corrupts everything that it touches.

    Welcome to the Blood Sea

    This sourcebook contains information for campaigns set in and around the Blood Sea.

    Guidelines for playing characters of each class as pirates or privateers are presented, including new class archetypes who draw power from the crimson depths. Pirate organizations are introduced for characters to join or oppose, and additional rules allow players to assume roles on a ship’s crew.

    Also available in Advance PDF: Signs of Sorcery for Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition!

    Did they tell you magic is sealed away by the Abyss? That the Supernal Realm can’t affect the Fallen? That you’ll never see the Watchtower again?

    Nothing is ever that simple.

    The curse keeps ...


    Onyx Path
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