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You Are Not Alone: Page 6

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  • You Are Not Alone: Page 6

    ↓ TranscriptJericho: What are you?
    Antaeus: What do you think I am?
    Jericho: I know you're a nova. I know you work with Project Utopia and that's about it.
    Antaeus: Then you already have some of your answer.
    Jericho:But you're not exactly the altruistic type. You don't make alliances.
    Antaeus: Good. You've reframed the question into a declarative. This supposes I will answer with a statement. You're quick to adapt.
    Jericho: You're being evasive. What are you?
    Antaeus: In as much as we are all human in origin, which of us really knows what we are?


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