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  • You Are Not Alone: Page 7

    ↓ TranscriptAntaeus (narrating): Team Tomorrow is a simple trick -- a marketing and branding technique designed to message our benign intent -- but we gather as one in service to all. We are novas. We are together, and we work for the betterment, in full view of the light. Other novas work in shadow. When deeds need to be done in darkness and tomorrow is too late. Many of our kind already work to dismantle what humanity has broken. One can only build a future once the wreckage of the past has been cleared. But there are also the Aberrants: those to whom the power is a grant of license. They are of the Teragen. Growing in number. Diminishing the rights and rule of humanity as they go.
    Jericho: Right. And there’s you. None of the above.
    Antaeus: No. I am Transcendent.


    Onyx Path
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