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Episode 58: Harassment

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  • Episode 58: Harassment

    In which the trio talks about the sometimes-touchy subject of various kinds of harassment. Don’t worry, the whole episode isn’t doom and gloom, we swear!

    Disclaimer: We are three white, cisgender people and as such we don’t really go into racism or intersectional topics aside from gender, as that’s not our lane or lived experience. We speak almost entirely from personal experience in this episode. For a bit more on those topics, we recommend our discussion with Chris Spivey (episode 46) or James Mendez Hodes’ website, at, just two of many discussions on things we didn’t cover.

    WW Usenet days versus todayWe didn’t screw up the intro until we didPodcast disruptionsHarassment based on being visible onlineCriticism vs. harassmentMalicious intent vs. single shitty commentsAnonymity of the internetWhistleblowing vs. brigadingTransformers fandomGetting personalCompany sizeA bit on the video game industry vs. the RPG industryOn personal attacks and defending your friendsIn-person harassmentConvention interactionsEddy stands up for introverts!Unintentional harassmentEddy tells a personal storyOn unwanted touchingA hypothetical!On the current state of the industryMatthew lives in the ocean


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