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Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Kickstarter launched!

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  • Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Kickstarter launched!

    In the early years of the 21st century, the Galatea space station unexpectedly exploded. People across the globe began manifesting the ability to control quantum forces. Scientists hail them as*Homo sapiens novus, a new evolution of humanity. The media dubs them*novas, the superheroes for a new age. Of course, heroism isn’t for everyone. What would*you*do with the power of a god?

    Trinity Continuum: Aberrant*is the newest setting ready to be explored on the*Trinity Continuum*timeline. Set in the near future,*Trinity Continuum: Aberrant*depicts a world just beyond tomorrow, in the year 2028. The*Trinity Continuum: Aberrant*setting allows for a variety of playstyles, from four-color action and space exploration, to political intrigue and deniable top-secret operations.

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    How long do we have? I might need time being broke.