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  • You Are Not Alone: Page 10

    ↓ TranscriptJericho: So, you consider yourself a transcendent. Seems to me that makes you an Aberrant by default.
    Antaeus: A question?
    Jericho: An observation.
    Antaeus: Over here. I sometimes like to present the illusion of walking. I find it puts my guests more at east. And it's good for the bloodstream, so I've heard.
    Jericho: So you're not Aberrant. Even so, my readers -- all fifty of them, I guess -- would love to understand what your intentions are for humanity.
    Antaeus: And if I explained them, is there anything your readers could do about it? Look on the bright side, Miss Jericho. I suspect your readership is about to go up.
    Jericho: So, there's nothing we can do about the emergence of novas. We have no say in what happens next.
    Antaeus: An observation?
    Jericho: Nope. A cry for help.


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