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Aberrific! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Aberrific! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Full disclosure: with flying to Gen Con being two days away, my brain is squirming like a toad. So, quick points from the meeting, all arranged haphazardly just like that toad.

    Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Kickstarter Woohoo: With the TC: Aberrant KS down to it’s last day, we are just thrilled by the number and quality of backers and their commentary. Considering that the original Trinity Continuum KS was for both the Core and TC: Aeon and this one is mostly for one book, it really speaks volumes for how the game is gripping people’s imaginations! Big thanks also to our “KS Concierge” James Bell for his tireless efforts and never-flagging good humor all through this one! (I’ll see James at Gen Con to deliver my personal thanks and buy him a drink or twenty!)

    V5 Chicago By Night Response: We sent out the Backer PDF for CbyN last week and the comments have been all about how great it looks, and how fantastic the writing is. It’s been so wonderful to hear that our first V5 book has been given top marks ...


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