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An Aberrant Week! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • An Aberrant Week! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Art for Book of the Fallen by Vincent Locke

    The title may say “Monday Meeting Notes” because, well, it’s Monday and that’s what we do!

    But it’s a lie.

    There was no Monday Meeting this week.

    Now that I’ve established myself as an unreliable narrator, what will you do? How can you trust that the information I’m bringing you is accurate? I’m even questioning myself at this point! It probably should have said “Monday Musings by Dixie” or something. I honestly have no idea how Rich does one of these every week.


    Book of the Fallen art by Drew Tucker

    Hi, this is Dixie! As I said, there was no Monday meeting this week because Gen Con just wrapped up and everyone is either traveling, on vacation, or didn’t volunteer to have a 2-4 person meeting in which we couldn’t do much without the rest of the team (a wise choice, no? We’re rather wise). Rich will be back next week with a full update, much as we did for UK Games Expo a few months back, but until then they’ve (unwisely, probably) ...


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