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Augustine Musings [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Augustine Musings [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Well, hello!

    I’m back from both GenCon and then a week off on family vacation, and big thanks to the amazing Dixie for filling in with this blog last week!

    I’m full of energy and rarin’ to go. Doing that thing where you bounce on your toes a bit – which is kind of hard to do typing away as I have been all day!

    If my emails were physical mail, the letters would fill my office, so I’m taking a bit of time to get through all of them. Plus, this week’s Monday Meeting was a fair bit of catch-up for all of our crew (besides Eddy, who is still on his vacay visiting wrestling events), with a few reports from us on GenCon, and the meetings that came out of it.

    Which I’ll share with you now:

    First, the message we relayed at our various panels was that we’re continuing to change/evolve as we need to as a company. So if you think our Kickstarters are only about Deluxe books and we run them like we did in 2013, please check again, because ...


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