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[Realms of Pugmire] Claws & Effect 17: Nine Lives in Mau

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  • [Realms of Pugmire] Claws & Effect 17: Nine Lives in Mau

    Monarchies of Mau’s Aeris von Angora illustration for Monarchies of Mau.

    Faith and religion were easy for me to write in Pugmire. As soon as I settled on “Man” as a linguistic analogue for “God,” a lot of things fell into place — the Code of Man, the Church of Man, and even casual blasphemy like “Man damn it.” The whole concept was pretty much there right at the beginning, just waiting for me to flesh out the details.

    With Monarchies of Mau, it was trickier. I knew I wanted cats to believe that humanity worshiped them — partially to play off ancient Egyptian references to such, which tied into the name “Mau,” and partially to give dogs and cats a built-in reason to fight — but I didn’t know much beyond that. I decided I didn’t want a monolithic church like in Pugmire, but something more spiritual and personal. It took a while before I hit on the “cats have nine lives” phrase being a nod to reincarnation. (Side note: It’s interesting how some things seem really obvious in retrospect, but ...


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