In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy interview Travis Legge, the mastermind behind our Twitch channel and our current forays into Scarred Lands!

The Onyx Path theme, a capellaAn introduction to Travis’ work with usThe Onyx Pathcast journeyMatthew’s ego interferes with the signal when we’re not talking about the freedom this podcast gives usTravis’ massive impact and his introduction into the roleplaying hobby and industryAnxiety when roleplayingThe Aberrant livestreamShout-outs to Matt McElroy and Ian A. A. WatsonThe appeal of burnoutThe trials of providing art notesCommunity content and the Slarecian VaultVengeance of the Shunned Campaign for Scarred LandsCommunity content is an excellent way of getting noticed as a writerUpcoming (actually historic) Twitch contentThe difficulty of running games for the expertsTravis’ GMing styleMatthew likes his characters to die during convention gamesHitting people with chairsWhere to find us and Kockstarter

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