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Some Q’s & Some A’s! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Some Q’s & Some A’s! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Questions! We get questions every day, and while a lot of them start with “when”, as in “when is my favorite book coming out?”, a fair number are more about some integral things that aren’t obvious to folks if they haven’t been lucky enough to read this blog regularly.

    Unlike you, my fine friend, who no doubt already know a lot of the following! But I bet there’s a few things in there even you can use brushing up on!

    “In order to put out so many game lines, Onyx Path must be a big TableTopRPG company with lots of employees, right?”

    Well, we work with a lot of talented freelance creators, but there’s only four actual staff members, so no, not really big at all. There’s myself, as founder and Creative Director, Mighty Matt McElroy as our Operations Director, Lisa Thomas as our Office Manager, and Mirthful Mike Chaney, our Art Director and primary Graphic Designer.

    The hundreds of writers, editors, artists, designers, and developers we work with all around the world are all freelancers – that means that they are hired with ...


    Onyx Path
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