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The Pure [Shunned by the Moon]

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  • The Pure [Shunned by the Moon]

    The Pure took no part in Urfarah’s murder. They blame Luna as the architect of his demise, and the Urdaga as slaves who carried out her bidding. Today the Pure see the Forsaken as mewling pups suckling at the Moon’s teat, hoping for the favor of a mad, piece-of-shit god.

    The Pure reject Luna. Werewolves are proud and active, and this rejection isn’t as simple as turning their backs and refusing her worship. They developed rites to demonstrate their hatred in ways that resonate with the great predator — with blood and pain. The first and most important rite strips away Luna’s brands of servitude, the spiritual scars marking a Forsaken’s Auspice. Few are lucky enough to be rescued by the Pure before the Moon shackles the nusuzul and claims her against her will. Most are branded first in hated chains of spiritual silver and can’t wait to remove them. Luna is a possessive, unreasonable spirit, and does not relinquish her ill-gotten property easily. The specifics of how each tribe liberates a werewolf from her bonds vary, but they all ...


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