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Minding More Q’s and A’s! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Minding More Q’s and A’s! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    More Q&A – because YOU requested it! Well, maybe not you personally, but we sure did get a great response to last week’s blog…So We’re Doin’ It Again!

    “But seriously, why is International shipping so high on the KSs?”

    What backers are seeing from us on the Kickstarter pages are the shipping numbers we have received from our fulfillment partners, and no, they aren’t inflating them and we aren’t inflating them – those are what we are hearing from shippers like Fedex and USPS and others.

    The fact is: we are not Amazon. We aren’t C’Mon Games or other companies that send out a massive volume of packages. We’re in the same boat as a lot of TTRPG companies, many of whom are dropping international shipping entirely. Instead, we made the call to give our backers the up-front info so they can make intelligent decisions, while we continue to search for less costly shipping options.

    “Why aren’t all Storypath Games the same?”

    I’m assuming that this is in reference to the Storypath System, and not the settings for each game line that uses it. Because ...


    Onyx Path
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