Eric here. Today I’ll be spoiling a few of Deviant’s Universal Variations (which are readily available to members of any Clade), as well as sharing some of the design goals that went into them:

Telekinesis (• to •••••)

OvertDirected, Tiered, Toggled

The Deviant can exert raw telekinetic force to lift, throw, or strike without the need for physical action.

The Broken can affect targets in range with a Size no greater than the Variation’s Magnitude times Scar Power. Targeting an unattended object succeeds automatically. Attempting to grab a living target works like initiating a grapple (p. XX), using a Scar Finesse roll instead of Strength

Brawl, and so must contend with Defense, not a Resistance Attribute.

At Magnitude •, the Deviant arrests the target’s motion until she releases it as a reflexive action, until it is torn free (or escapes the grapple), or until the scene ends. The telekinetic grapple is only capable of the hold, restrain, and drop prone maneuvers, although it is immune to all maneuvers other than break free (p. XX).

At Magnitude ••, the Deviant can push, drag, lift, or operate the target ...