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Claws and Effect: Dogs, Cats, and Artifacts [Realms of Pugmire]

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  • Claws and Effect: Dogs, Cats, and Artifacts [Realms of Pugmire]

    Last time I talked about cat reincarnation. In that essay, I also touched on why dogs and cats don’t get along, and I want to dig into that more. One of the advantages the Realms of Pugmire has over other fantasy games is that you don’t have to sell people on why the main species don’t get along. You don’t need pages and pages of why Glorthum the Mighty once smote Briflar the Brave a gazillion years ago and that’s why humans and orcs hate each other, or whatever. We’ve been culturally told that dogs and cats don’t get along, so of course they don’t get along in Realms of Pugmire. Problem solved!

    Except not really. For one, dogs and cats can get along in the real world, a fact that many pet owners rush to point out. Also, players are notorious about playing the exceptions to the rule, making fantasy versions of The Odd Couple that go all the way back to Gimli and Legolas. Plus, people don’t hate each other “just because.” There’s always a reason. It might be ...


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